Virtual Wilbye Consort plays madrigals by
John Ward
As self-appointed advocates of John Ward's madrigals, we make it our mission to have these works performed and listened to more often. Pardon our amateur performance, but we hope the stellar quality of these songs would shine through. It should be noted that members of the Consort of Musick also lavish praises on Ward in a commentary to one of their albums (Sweet Philomel), revealing how deeply satisfying an experience it is to sing his madrigals. We cannot agree more.

Madrigals for Five and Six Parts

* Flora, fair nymph (3:07)
* If the deep sighs (6:05)@
* Oft have I tender'd (4:01)
* I have entreated (5:42)
* Weep forth your tears (5:24)
* There's not a grove (5:57)
* If heaven's just wrath (6:57)
* Upon a bank of roses (3:34)
* Out from the vale (4:50)
* O divine love (4:40)
* Retire my troubled soul (3:46)
* No object dearer (6:44)
* Die not fond man (3:45)
* Cor mio, deh, non languire (4:35)
* Sweet Philomel (3:46)
* Ye sylvan nymphs (4:19)
* Hope of my heart (3:58)
* Phyllis, the bright (2:48)

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