About Virtual Wilbye Consort/Virtual Byrd Choir

Driven by a singular vision "one-singer-does-it-all," Virtual Wilbye Consort has been recording lesser known (and some well-known) madrigals by John Wilbye and his contemporaries. The virtual group was inaugurated in April 2001 in Tokyo, the karaoke capital of the world. Virtual Byrd Choir, a sister group dedicated to church music, was established in September of the same year.

As it has been pointed out that the above paragraph is somewhat too cryptic, here is a more straightforward version. All songs carried on this site are sung by myself, an amateur singer with little formal training, using a multi-track recording device. Singing all parts by oneself is wickedly fun. I'd recommend it to any choir members. I had been with a number of choirs in the past two decades or so but until I started on this project I did not realize how much I had missed by just singing one part. Talk about not seeing the forest for the trees!

And that's about it--I would not bore you with my life's story. Suffice to say these performances bring out the best and worst in me.

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