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Tomas Luis de Victoria, a website dedicated to the revered Spanish composer, carries a large number of rare scores and a lot of recordings in mp3 format.
dwsChorale A one-man chorus by talented David W. Solomons--multi-track singer, composer, and my comrade in arms. His new site features choral music spanning centuries, including the motet for 40 voices by Thomas Tallis! Also check out his multivocal page.
MP3 English Lute Duet Library Lovely lute duets performed by Kenji Sano and Jinke Nosa. Highly recommended. In case you haven't noticed the anagram, the performers are one and the same person (hence my fascination). FYI, Mr. Sano is a professional lutenist for The Early Music Company.
Canticle Productions Soon to be opened music site of a fellow multi-track singer. Performed with precision, emotion and thorough professionalism, his songs are a joy to listen. Having listened to a couple of preview versions, I'm completely sold. Don't just trust me, go listen for yourselves.
Collection of Twelve English Songs by Maurice Greene No, not the sprinter chap. Kudos to Webmaster Andrew Fuller for bringing our attention to this little known contemporary of Handel's!
Early Music Yet another excellent site introducing little known gems of early music, performed by multi-track guitarist Jon Sayles. The selection is superb, and his performance is truly a delight to listen to.
Ensemble Orphee A Sendai-based vocal ensemble specialising in early choral music.
MP3 files of Renaissance lute music performed by Michi. (The page is only in Japanese, but guess and click!)
MUSICI FLANDRI Elaborately sequenced MIDI files of masterpieces by composers of the Flemish school.
MIDI renditions of keyboard works by T.K. Quantz, an undeservedly unknown composer of the Baroque period.
FestiVocal: A website of an annual French vocal festival. Listen to the flavorful performances of local choirs! (in French, but a machine translation feature is available.)
The Early Music Show Tune in on this BBC Radio 3 early music program on the Web.
The EMVE List Easily the most comprehensive list of early music vocal ensembles in the world
Hear the Choirs Sing A list of sites that offer choral music clips
The Choral Public Domain Library A website devoted exclusively to free choral sheet music. Over a dozen of Wilbye's madrigals are posted here.

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