Virtual Wilbye Consort Covers Purcell Consort's Album
I love, alas
We dedicate this page to Purcell Consort of Voices, whose album "I Love, Alas" has been a constant source of inspiration for us. We covered Side A of the album as closely as we could, with a few omissions. The lovely lute solos are reconstructed in midi. Our readings of Sir Philip Sydney's poems are but feeble imitations of the ardent performance by Jeremy Brett (you may remember him from his impersonation of Sherlock Holms in a TV series). And as for the songs, what can we say except that we are daftly fond of them? Hurrah for director and countertenor Mr. Grayston Burgess and his exquisite team of singers! We are not worthy.

Play all (20 min.)

My Lady Rich's Galliard (0:41)

Sir Philip Sydney:
Loved I am, yet complain of love (1:05)

I love, alas (1:18)

Lady, your eye my love enforced (2:50)

Sir Philip Sydney:
O fair, O sweet (0:58)

Lady, when I behold (3:13)

Sir Philip Sydney:
All my senses (0:38)

Lock up, fair lids (7:41)

Loth to depart (1:54)

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