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Marco da Gagliano
Gagliano, a Florentine contemporary of Monteverdi and Gesualdo, published six books of madrigals in all. He is also known as one of the earliest opera composers along with Monteverdi. Gagliano has been largely neglected (there are very few recordings), and when he does get mentioned he tends to be labeled as conventional. We beg to differ. Please listen to our testimony and judge for yourselves. Complete madrigals in the First Book of Five Voice Madrigals are posted here.

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Paolo Veronese: "The Marriage at Cana"

The First Book of Five Voice Madrigals

No. 1 O misera Dorinda (4:43)
No. 2 O Sonno (7:05)
No. 3 Al mio novo martire (2:46)
No. 4 Arsi un tempo (3:19)
No. 5 Tra sospiri e querele (2:08)
No. 6 Se con vive fiammelle (2:40)
No. 7 Luce soavi e chiara* (2:09)
No. 8 L'ardente tua facella (2:31)
No. 9 Di marmo siete voi (3:44)
No. 10 Filli, mentre ti bacio (2:34)
No. 11 Scherza madonna e dice (1:29)
No. 12 Dico a le Muse (1:41)
No. 13 Come potro mai fare (1:31)
No. 14 Un sguardo, un sguardo no (1:54)
No. 15 Scherzo con l'aure e tento** (3:48)
No. 16 Tu sei pur aspro a chi t'adora, Silvio (5:03)

* Composed by Luca Bati (Gagliano's teacher)
** Composed by Giovanni del Turco (Gagliano's pupil)


All songs on this page are published in Marco da Gagliano: Madrigals, Part 1:Il primo libro de madrigali a cinque voci (Venice, 1602). Edited by Edmond Strainchamps. Recent Researches in the Music of the Baroque Era, vol. 124. Madison, WI: A-R Editions, Inc., 2003. Used with permission.

Another excellent edition is Marco da Gagliano: The Complete Five Voice Madrigals (three volumes) edited by Suzanne Court, published by GAUDIA Music and Arts, Inc., New York (all six books of madrigals are included).

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