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Welcome to the "ASOBI MUSIC GALLERY".

In this Website, we are planned to provide classical music performed by GigaStudio, so that you could listen on MP3.
However, it has not completed yet to play music enough quality at full orchestra.

For the time being, Orchestral music recorded AKAI sampler several yesrs ago, were registered on the music list.
As for historical composers' music, we will provide new-style play and music based on our choice.

Music contents would be up-dated starting from piano, harpsichord, up to string orchestra, chamber music, and full orchestra.

Anyway, please enjoy listening classical music available on this Website.

1. Orchestral Works
2. Works for Piano Duet
3. The Collection of the Fransois Couperin's Works
4. The Other Works

mfiles - free music files and notes: Sheet Music, MIDI and MP3 files

Photo : Atelier Canary
Composition and Transcription : Jun-T / Recording : jimma
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