Works for Piano Duet

Johann Sebastian Bach
Jesus que ma joie demeure

Franz Joseph Haydn
Symphony No.1 in D major
Symphony No.13 in D major
Symphony No.34 in D minor
Symphony No.44 in E minor
Symphony No.88 in G major
Symphony No.90 in C major

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Symphony No.38 in D major K.504
Symphony No.39 in E flat major K.543
I. Adagio - Allegro   II. Andante
III. Menuetto : Allegretto   IV. Finale : Allegro
Symphony No.40 in G minor K.550
I. Allegro molto   II. Andante
III. Menuetto : Allegretto   IV. Finale : Allegro assai
Symphony No.41 in C major K.551
I. Allegro vivace   II. Andante cantabile
III. Menuetto : Allegretto   IV. Allegro molto
The Magic Flute
Overture   Act I   Act II
Das Veilchen K.476
Abendempfindung an Laura K.523
Sehnsucht nach dem Frülinge K.59

Ludwig van Beethoven
Symphony No.1 in C major Op.21
Symphony No.2 in D major Op.36
Symphony No.3 in E flat major Op.55 "Eroica"
Symphony No.4 in B flat major Op.60
Symphony No.5 in C minor Op.67
Symphony No.6 in F major Op.68 "Pastrale"
Symphony No.7 in A major Op.92
Symphony No.8 in F major Op.93
Symphony No.9 in D minor Op.125
Coriolan, Op.62
"Leonore" Overture No.1, Op.138
"Leonore" Overture No.2, Op.72a
Ouverture zu Egmont, Op.84

Franz Peter Schubert
Symphony No.8 in C major D.944

Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka
Ruslan and Ludmila, Overture
Capriccio on Russian Themes

Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy
Symphony No.4 in A major Op.90
I. Allegro vivace   II. Andante con moto
III. Con moto moderato   IV. Saltarello : Presto

Robert Alexander Schumann
Symphony No.1 in B flat major Op.38 "Spring"
Symphony No.2 in C major Op.61
Symphony No.3 in E flat major Op.97 "Rheinische"
Symphony No.4 in D minor Op.120
Symphony No.4 in D minor(First Version)
Ouverture, Scherzo und Finale Op.52(Arr. by Composer)
Ouverture zu Genoveva
Ouverture zu Braut von Messina, Op.100
Ouverture zu Julius Cäsar, Op.128
Ouverture zu Hermann und Dorothea, Op.136
Ouverture zu Szenen aus Goethe's Faust
Phantasie in C dur für Violine mit Begleitung des Orchesters, Op.131
Das Paradies und die Peri, Op.50
Erster Teil   Zweiter Teil   Dritter Teil
Manfred, Op.115
Ouverture  Erster Abtheilung   Zweiter Abtheilung  Dritte Abtheilung

Richard Wagner
Prelude to Act.3   Interlude in Act.3
Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg, Prelude
Der Ring des Nibelungen
Das Rheingold

Die Walküre
Act I   Act II   Act III
Act I   Act II   Act III
Prologue and Act I   Act II   Act III

Charles Francois Gounod
Ballet Music from Faust
1.Danse Prelude - Valse Modere
2.Helene et les jeunes Troyennes ; Cleopatre et les jeunes Nubiennes
3.Entree des jeunes Nubiennes   4.Variation de Cleopatre
5.Entree des jeunes Troyennes   6.Variation d'Helene   7.Final

César Auguste Franck
Symphony in D minor(Arr. by Composer)
Variations Symphoniques(Arr. by Composer)

Bedřich Smetana
Má Vlast(Arr. by Composer)
I. Vyšehrad   II. Vltava   III. Šárka
IV. Z českých luhův a hájův
V. Tábor   VI. Blaník  

Anton Bruckner
Symphony No.5 in B flat major  
Symphony No.7 in E major(Arr. by Karl Grunsky)  
Symphony No.8 in C minor(Arr. by Karl Grunsky)  

Anton Grigor'yevich Rubinstein
Sonata for Piano Four Hands in D major, Op.89

Johannes Brahms
Symphony No.1 in C minor, Op.68
Symphony No.2 in D major, Op.73(Arr. by Composer)
Symphony No.3 in F major, Op.90(Arr. by Composer)
Symphony No.4 in E minor, Op.98(Arr. by Composer)
Serenade No.1 in D major, Op.11(Arr. by Composer)
Serenade No.1 in D major, Op.11
I. Allegro molto   II. Scherzo : Allegro non troppo
IV. Menuetto I & II   V. Scherzo : Allegro
Variationen über ein Thema von Joseph Haydn, Op.56b(Arr. by Composer)
Akademische Fest-Ouvertüre, Op.80(Arr. by Composer)

Alexander Porfir'yevich Borodin
Symphony No.1, in E flat major
I. Adagio-Allegro   II. Scherzo ; Prestissimo
III. Andante   IV. Allegro molto vivo
Symphony No.2, in B minor
I. Allegro   II. Scherzo ; Prestissimo
III. Andante - IV. Finale ; Allegro
Symphony No.3, in A minor
I. Moderato assai   II. Scherzo : Vivo
In the Steppes of Central Asia(Arr. by Composer)
Prince Igor
Overture   Prologue   Act I   Act II   Act III   Act IV
Finale from "Mlada" 
Chopsticks Paraphrases

César Antonovich Cui
Chopsticks Paraphrases

Charles Camille Saint-Saëns
Symphony No.2 in A minor, Op.55(Arr. by Claude Debussy)
Symphony No.3 in C minor, Op.78(Arr. by Léon Roque)
Piano Concerto No.4 in C minor, Op.44(Arr. by Gabriel Fauré)

Mily Alexeyevich Balakirev
Symphony No.1 in C major(Arr. by Sergey Lyapunov)

Georges Bizet
Act I
Chorus of Street Boys   Chorus of Cigarette Girls   Habanera
Song   Seguidilla and Duet
Interlude to Act II
Act II
Gypsy Song   Toreador Song
Interlude to Act III
Suite I

1.Prelude   2.Menuet   3.Adagietto   4.Carillon
Suite II
1.Pastorale   2.Intermezzo   3.Menuet   4.Farandole

Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky
Piano Sonata for Four Hands in C major
Boris Godunov
Scene I : The courtyard of the Monastery of Novodievich
Scene II : In the Kremrin,Coronation Scene
Act I
Scene I : Monk's Cell. Night
Scene II : Inn near the Lithuanian Border
Act II
In the Kremrin, Boris'Apartments - Scene of Chiming Clock
Scene I : Marina's Boudoir
Scene II : Night, the Garden with a Fountain
Act IV
Scene I : Scene at the Cathedral of Vasiliĭ Blažennyĭ
Scene II : In the Kremrin, Death of Boris
Scene III : In a clearing near Kromy

Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Symphony No.1 in G minor, Op.13 "Winter Daydreams"
Symphony No.2 in C minor, Op.17(Arr. by Composer)
Symphony No.2 in C minor, Op.17(Ver.1872)
Symphony No.3 in D major, Op.29
Symphony No.4 in F minor, Op.36(Arr. by S.I.Taneyev)
Symphony No.5 in E minor, Op.64
Symphony No.6 in B minor, Op.74 "Pathètique"(Arr. by Composer)
Manfred-Symphony, Op.58(Arr. by Composer)
Ouverture-Fantasie"Romeo et Juliette" (Ver.1869)
Ouverture-Fantasie"Romeo et Juliette" (Ver.1880, Arr. by Mrs. Rimsky-Korsakov)
Ouverture Solennelle"1812" Op.49
The Nutcracker, Op.71
Act I
Act II
Piano Concerto No.3 in E flat major, Op.75 (Arr. by Composer)
A Pastorale Cantata
1.Chorus of Shepherds and Shepherdesses
2.Dance of Shepherds and Shepherdesses
3.Duet   4.Finale

Alexis-Emmanuel Chabrier
España, Rapsodie(Arr. by Composer)

Antonín Dvořák
Symphony No.2 in B flat major Op.4
Symphony No.3 in E flat major Op.10
Symphony No.6 in D major Op.60(Arr. by Composer)
Symphony No.7 in D minor Op.70(Arr. by Composer)
Symphony No.8 in G major Op.88
Symphony No.9 in E minor Op.95 "From the New World"(Arr. by Composer)
Nature, Life, Love
Amid Nature, Op.91  Carnival, Op.92   Othello, Op.93

Nikolai Andreievich Rimsky-Korsakov
Chopsticks Paraphrases

Gabriel Urbain Fauré
Cantique de Jean Racine,Op.11

Arthur Foote
Pieces at Twilight

Anatoly Konstantinovich Lyadov
Chopsticks Paraphrases

Edward Elgar
Symphony No.1 in A flat major Op.55
Symphony No.2 in E flat major Op.63
Introduction and Allegro, Op.47

Mikhail Mikhailovich Ippolitov-Ivanov
Caucasian Sketches, Op.10(Arr. by E. Langer)
Iveria, Op.42(Arr. by N. Zhilayev)

Frederick Delius
On hearing the first Cuckoo in Spring

Claude Achille Debussy
L'Enfant Prodigue(Prélude - Cortêge et Air de Danse(Arr. by Composer)
Petite Suite
Quatuor à cordes en sol mineur, Op.10(Arr. by A. Benfeld)
Prélude à "l'Après-midi d'un Faune" for 2 Pianos(Arr. by Composer)
Prélude à "l'Après-midi d'un Faune" for Piano 4 Hands(Arr. by Maurice Ravel)
Nocturnes(Arr. by Maurice Ravel)
Danse Sacrée et Danse Profane(Arr. by Composer)
La Mer, trois esquisses symphoniques(Arr. by Composer)
Le Martyre de Saint Sébastien(Arr. by Lucien Garban & Jun-T)
Images pour Orchestre(Arr. by André Caplet)
I. Gigues   II. Iberia   III. Rondes de Printemps
En Blanc et Noir, Trois morceaux pour pianos à quatre mains

Richard Strauss
Till Eulenspiegels lustige Streiche Op.28(Arr. by Otto Singer)

Carl August Nielsen
Symphony No.2 in B minor, Op.16 "Four Temperaments"(Arr. by Henrik Knudsen)
Symphony No.5, Op.50
Helois Op.17(Arr. by Henrik Knudsen)

Aleksandr Konstantinovich Glazunov
Symphony No.4 in E flat major, Op.48
Symphony No.5 in B flat major, Op.55

Paul Abraham Dukas
Symphonie en ut majeur
L'Apprenti Sorcier, scherzo symphonique

Jean Sibelius
Symphony No.1 in E minor, Op.39
Symphony No.2 in D major, Op.43
Symphony No.3 in C major, Op.52
Symphony No.4 in A minor, Op.63
Symphony No.5 in E flat major, Op.82
Symphony No.6 in D, Op.104
Symphony No.7 in C major, Op.105
En Saga, Op.9
Karelia - Overture, Op.10(Arr. by Karl Ekman)
Karelia - Suite, Op.11(Arr. by Karl Ekman)
Rakastava, Op.14
Spring Song(La tristesse du printemps), Op.16
Lemminkäinen and the Maidens of Saari, Op.22-1
The Swan of Tuonela, Op.22-2
Lemminkäinen in Tuonela, Op.22-3
Lemminkäinen's Return, Op.22-4
Finlandia, Op.26-7
Pohjola's Daughter, Op.49
Night Ride and Sunrise, Op.55
Luonnotar, Op.70
The Oceanides, Op.73
"The Tempest" Overture, Op.109-1
"The Tempest" Suite No.1, Op.109-2
"The Tempest" Suite No.2, Op.109-3
Tapiola, Op.112

Vasily Sergeyevich Kalinnikov
Symphony No.1 in G minor(Arr. by Composer)

Amy Marcy Beach
Summer Dreams, Op.47

Alexander Nikolayevich Scriabin
Symphony No.1 in E Major, Op.26

Ralph Vaughan Williams
A London Symphony(Symphony No.2)
A Pastoral Symphony(Symphony No.3)
The Wasps - Aristophanic Suite
English Folk Song Suite

Gustav Holst
The Planets, Op.32(Arr. by Composer)

Reinhold Moritsovich Glière
Concerto for Coloratura Soprano and Orchestra in F minor, Op.82

Joseph-Maurice Ravel
Introduction et Allegro(Arr. by Composer)

George Gershwin
Rhapsody in Blue(Arr. by Composer)

Akira Ifukube
Ritmica Ostinata for 2 Pianos(Arr. by Composer)

Piano Sonata for Four Hands

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