Shut up.  Shut up!  Shut up!!

Shut up the fucking mouth !!!

La la la     real feel  Donft mind.

Many other things are nonsense here.

Very high mind takes me there.

Youfll see the common time goes fast

But slowly effect.

Many other people laughing at themselves.

I think that they like Beelzebub.

Youfll know the world is made of

Honey & honey climes.

Do you know that ?

That is fact!

And also FUCK!

But delicious smack!!

La la la     real feel  Donft mind.

La la la     little feel  Donft mind.

Shut up.

Shut up! ( Can you hear me? )

Shut up!! ( You make me really mad! )

Shut up that your fucking MOUTH!!!