Ifm standing here to meet you again.

I feel your heart near this sea.

Memorize that our past and future.

In front of me, therefs the bigger ice than dinosaur.

I was calling you in lost my mind.

Then cried and screamed.

Before you destroy the sight, I want tell you! (Everything I know)

Ifm looking down my city.

Remember the words again, and gThe falling Angelfs smileh.

Ifm looking for truth anyone hasnft denied yet.

This is the challenge of limitation

Finally I see the structure of this world, the God and Goddess made.

Wefre spending time and money in rude.

But anyone notice it.

That price is very high.

In the end, all seas turn to desert.

The sand tears surround the dead sky.

Now, I can just pray and pray and prayc

Ifm looking down future that ruined the planet.

I suddenly feel lonesome.

Ifm looking for sanctuary that anyone knows.

                                                                                    Now and Forever@